I have been doing design work since 1995. After attending King’s Business College in Charlotte and graduating from the Graphic Design program, my first job (that didn’t include waiting on tables) was in the computer services department at Kinko’s of University Place. There, I learned to work comfortably on both Apple and PC computers (back then, there was a much bigger difference between the two).

My career has since taken me to the print shop at Johnson Bible College in Knoxville, Timeplanner Calendars Inc. in Charlotte, and Munich, Germany, where I joined an online marketing agency and learned the exciting world of creating websites. I stayed with Apollis until 2004 when they got bought out and kicked us all to the curb. but the Lord doesn’t close a door without opening another. I sensed that I had gained enough experience to become a freelancer… I’ve been one ever since!

I work in collaboration with the most knowledgeable IT expert I’ve ever come across (who happens to also be my husband, but he really is an expert, I wasn’t just saying that). So there’s always someone to turn to in times of programming distress and also to bounce ideas off of. He’s the one who will be able to tell you (and possibly demonstrate on your website) how a hacker can get his grubby hands on your data and what you can do about it.

Besides design, I like singing and songwriting. I’ve even recorded some of my own songs. Only, when I’m nervous, my pitch quality resembles more that of Willy Nelson or Merle Haggard than that of my favorite gals Pink and Kelly C. (I just realized that guys get away with pitch problems and girls don’t). I’m not planning to switch professions any time soon. Besides, I really enjoy not being famous.

  • Design is not democratic and tastes are different. But nobody likes an outdated and cheap design.
    Make it pretty.

    Pretty Web
  • Nobody wants to be bored.
    Make your website a fun experience. Happy visitors are generally good buyers.

    Happy Web
  • Can your website handle the traffic well? Page loading time is crucial not only for visitors, but also a criteria for search engines.

    Power Web
  • Is your website trustworthy?
    This is especially important for shops. Show customers that you’re legit, use testimonials, certifications, and product reviews.

    Trust Web
  • Is your website easy to use?
    Don’t make it hard on people to find what they’re looking for.

    Easy Web



Miriam R. Hahn


Yes, we’ll even sing for you!
Graphic Design

Logos, Flyers, Business Cards, Posters, T-Shirts, and well, anything else printable.
We even did surfboards once
(in case you were wondering).

Advertising Design

Banner Ads, Email Templates, and other online marketing material. Even spammers use professional email templates nowadays.

Web Design

Full Websites or specific Landingpages.
We like to work with wordpress.
We can host them, too.

Search Design

Not only design, but everything related to search engines.
Or better: Search Experience Design. Yeah, that’s it.


Here are a couple of examples of my work.

Graphic / Logo
Red Light Burning
Sebastien James
First Priority Benefits
Readers’ Supermarket
HP Golden Offers
Best Western Rewards
HCG Waist Management
Priority Lending
Miami City Massage




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